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Customer Service

At SNSTC, customer service not only comes after the problem happens, our sales engineers begin to provide technical support for customer from the moment that the customer has intentions to cooperate.
· Before placing an order, the sales engineers will help customers to confirm the accuracy and feasibility of the order.

· After entering into production, our sales engineers will continue to keep in touch with customers to ensure that any changes happened in the customer's needs are promptly reflected.

· When the products are delivered, our technical engineers will assist the customers in on-site debugging to ensure that all tools are working properly. If everything goes well, the customer will start mass production.

· During the following delivery and in the process of using , our technical engineers will keep in touch with customers and review the tools, hoping to find any practical ways to increase processing efficiency, improve the size and surface precision, or reduce the cost, and then help customers to achieve it.

· SNSTC provides best service for customers, and never stopping. In order to meet the various requirements of customers, SNSTC has set up sound three-dimensional network and sales services center. In addition to obtaining services from our local agents, you can contact us directly by telephone, email or Internet, and our sales engineers will provide you with considerate on-site services.