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Technical Equipment

1.Professional Design

As the benchmark enterprise in the industry of special tools, the company has its special drafting and designing department. On the premises of guaranteed quality and service life, the tools are designed to target good cutting performance, proper structure, repeated usage, minimized use cost and better support for customers’ production.

2.Project Development

Besides designing the special tools, the Company, depending upon its epitomized experience of over 30 years, is also able to provide complete metal machining solutions for domestic and international customers on the basis of just one supplied part or drawing. Our professional project development team can efficiently organize, consolidate and reasonably allocate resources as required by a customer, thinking on our customers side and developing the right project plan (cost performance, processing efficiency and precision) for the customer.

3.Product R&D
With its start in the manufacture of traditional special tools, the company is constantly improving itself in the production process, which can be proven by that it has passed the ISO9001 certification and developed businesses of PCD artificial diamond tools, combined-type special tools, integrated mechanically-clamped tools, replaceable tools, chucks, special tooling and accessories, coating, and regrinding. Now the company is further exerting itself to work on equipment development, attempting at opening up a brand-new market.

4.Efficient Production

During the past 25 years, the company has always been proud of the advantage in the delivery period. The company has always maintained its delivery period 70% faster than the industrial average level by continuously-improved site management and process reengineering. Customers’ long-term favor and trust is the best interpretation of the value.

5.Excellent Equipment

SNSTC has a complete set of advanced equipment imported from Japan, Germany, Australia, USA, and Taiwan can meet the peak demand for precision and complexity in processing and production in a complete way. With the largest processing capacity of special diamond tools in China, the company has also introduced the highest-precision detecting instruments like the laser measuring instrument and the dynamic balance detector from Germany, ensuring high-precision and quality detecting means and satisfy customers’ demands for high-precision processing.